• NanoSafe99™ Mask
  • NanoSafe99™ Mask
  • NanoSafe99™ Mask
  • NanoSafe99™ Mask
  • NanoSafe99™ Mask

NanoSafe99™ Mask


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K-A Note: Aviation NanoMask sold with 5 masks per pack.  99% (or higher) Filtration efficiency of Viruses, Bacteria, Allergens, and Dust! 

Optimized for Air Crew & First Responders in High Risk Areas

  • It was developed mainly as protection against spread of viral and bacterial infections.
  • NanoSafe99 Generation 2.0 is structurally and functionally on the interface between face mask and a respirator. In many aspects it even surpasses the qualities of certain types of respirators.
  • It works as a mechanical barrier both for its wearer and for its surroundings
  • The whole face mask consists of one piece NANO material and thanks to its unique structure is highly adhesive, sealing and protecting a large part of the face.
  • This design solution provides maximum filtration of the inhaled and exhaled air.
  • The NANO material used allows for lightness breathing and the ability to use a veil for example throughout the work shift.
  • Thanks to its very low weight its use is comfortable and safe for users.
  • It is produced in 4 sizes to achieve the maximum tightness, filtration and comfort in use.


 Used For:

  • Medical staff
  • Integrated rescue system
  • Excessively dusty environments
  • Environments with a higher aerosol value
  • Protection of the chronically ill
  • Places with a high concentration of inhabitants
  • Contact zones
  • Public transport

The nanolayer based on a polymer made of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is formed by a dense netting nanofibers with an average thickness of 50 – 90 nm. Three-layer laminate with nanofiber layer provides high filtration efficiency against various microorganisms, allergens (such as pollen), mold and dust particles with lower pressure slope (resistance to breathing), more precisely with higher breathability of the material, which ensures comfort when breathing.

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