Welcome to Kestrel-Air, your source for the complete line of Aveo-Engineered products. We sell exclusively Aveo products and are dedicated to providing you with outstanding customer service. Kestrel-Air is an Aveo Factory Representative and an Authorized Aveo Dealer.

We are a company with roots in military and civilian aviation that seeks to provide cutting-edge performance products to all aviation enthusiasts, from the professional pilot to the fair-weather flyer. Aveo products are the perfect fit for an IFR suite and are equally at home on a trike or PPC!

Kestrel-Air is not a big-box store stocking thousands of different items from hundreds of manufacturers. We carry only Aveo-engineered products and are owned and operated by motivated aviation professionals.  

There will be times when we are unable to answer the phone.  Please don't despair!  We are very connected to our office and will return your call as soon as possible if you leave a message.